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Saturday, 17th May, 2014

SHILLONG: Shocked at the loss of Congress throughout the country, sitting MP Vincent Pala who will begin his second term as the MP said on Friday that the party’s debacle should be seen as a lesson.

Speaking to media persons after being declared winner, Vincent Pala said that the debacle of Congress should not be seen as a setback but it was rather a time for Congress to re-group and move ahead.

Stating that the infighting within the Congress was a history now, Pala admitted that he was sad at the sorry state of affairs for the Congress.

Reacting to a query, he said, “I think people wanted a change and there is a change in the mood of the voters,” adding this was the beauty of the democracy.

Pala said that he was happy for the fact that NDA had got majority as it would bring a stable Government which will be good for the country.

Asked about the issue of ILP which was a favourite topic for the Opposition candidate in the run-up to the election, Pala said that the instrument of the opposition leader could only work till a certain limit.

Meanwhile, in a victory gathering held at the residence of Congress MP Vincent Pala, which was chaired by Kennedy Khryiem, MLA, the PCC president D D Lapang congratulated Pala for his victory.

He also congratulated all party workers, volunteers, well wishers and supporters and thanked the people for the support extended to the party and its candidate. He expressed his gratitude to the people for their continued confidence in the Congress party and its candidate.

The PCC president also thanked all those who have extended their support to the party in the Tura Parliamentary constituency. Despite the loss, he expressed his deep appreciation to all party functionaries and supporters who have worked tirelessly for the party and its candidate.

“The congress party is not just a party but an institution. The PCC president accepts with humility the mandate of the people. The party will continue to serve the best interests of the people of the state and the nation”, a statement issued by AICC general secretary Manbor S Warjri said.