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Saturday, 17th May, 2014

NONGPOH: Sitting MP Vincent Pala got the better of his nearest rival P B M Basaiawmoit by 3098 votes securing 29,153 votes from the five assembly constituencies of Ri-Bhoi.

Basaiawmoit with 26055 votes put up a decent fight against the sitting MP in Ri- Bhoi, which is known as a Congress stronghold.

Pala topped the list in three out of the five assembly constituencies in the district.

In the Nongpoh assembly constituency Pala secured 7493 votes thanks to the DD Lapang factor that swung things in favour of the Congress. UDP’s Paul Lyngdoh garnered 4411 votes while Basaiawmoit dropped to third with 2528 votes.

Pala also left Paul and Basaiawmoit behind in Umsning assembly constituency with 6030 votes to his name. Basaiawmoit managed 3986 votes while Paul had to do with 3855 votes.

The sitting MP underperformed in the Jirang assembly constituency where Basaiawmoit led the table with 9826 votes. Pala secured 6876 votes and political observers attribute this to his alleged rivalry with Jirang MLA Lamboklang Mylliemngap who campaigned for Basaiawmoit.

Pala’s performance was, however, much better than Paul’s. There were not many takers for the UDP in Jirang and the party gathered a humble 811 votes in the area.

The sitting MP also took a beating in the Umroi assembly constituency where Congress MLA Ngaitlang Dhar campaigned against Pala. Basaiawmoit clinched 5640 votes while the Congress candidate was left with 3071 votes followed by Paul (2569 votes).

In Mawhati constituency the efforts of R B Shadap (former Congress MDC candidate) and Otril Pamshong (former MDC) paid dividends for Pala who garnered 5683 votes to edge past Paul who ended with 4546 votes. Basaiawmoit bagged 4075 votes.

Political observers felt that Paul’s candidature affected the performance of Basaiawmoit as both cut into each other’s votes thus giving Pala the edge.

Pala ended with 29153 votes, followed by Basaiawmoit with 26055 votes, Paul got 16192 votes, BJP candidate Shibun Lyngdoh garnered 4991 votes while 1419 voters opted for NOTA.

Among others, Independent candidate Ivoryna Shylla got1281 votes, AAP candidate A. Kharshiing got 1221 votes, CPI candidate Richard Shabong secured 842 votes.

Pala fares well in Jaintia Hills

Our Jowai Correspondent adds:

In the twin districts of Jaintia Hills, Pala gained considerably, securing 51671 votes as against his nearest rivals PBM Basaiawmoit (32023 votes) and Shibun Lyngdoh (31975 votes).

While Pala held sway in Khliehriat, Lyngdoh and Basaiawmoit gained good grounds in Raliang and Nartiang segments respectively.

In East Jaintia Hills, however, it was UDP all the way with Paul Lyngdoh securing 2091 votes, considerably more than his rivals.

16 votes were cast in favour of NOTA (none of the above).